About the Hosts of the Bones & Bobbins Podcast

Bones & Bobbins is a delightfully creepy and creepily crafty Podcast hosted by Haley & Natali

Meet Haley:

Haley Pierson-Cox writes the craft blog Red-Handled Scissors, and hosts The Very Serious Crafts Podcast and Bones & Bobbins. She’s a knitter, sewer, cross-stitch book author, and general maker of things. She’s also a witch, a lover of black cats, and an avid swearing enthusiast.

There are antique glass hands all over her apartment, and it would probably be best for everyone if you didn’t touch them.


 Haley’s cross-stitch books:

You can buy them wherever books are sold, but it’s always a great idea to support your local indie bookstore!

Meet Natali:

Natali is a Creative Troublemaker fueled by coffee and perpetually in her sassy pants. She owns and runs UberDork Designs where she magics pixels into graphic and web design, hosts Bones & Bobbins Podcast, and is an official Murderino Maker.  While she is known for making whimsical, odd, and sometimes creepy things out of yarn, she’s yet to meet a craft she wouldn’t try.

Her co-pilot is a Wookiee and she’s known to cuss like her grandma.


Mr. Big Stuff

Is having none of your nonsense.

Ron Swanson & Leslie Meowpe

You will inevitably hear these two in the background, so they’ve demanded credit.