The Bones & Bobbins Podcast, Season 1, Episode 04: It Has Pockets!

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The Bones & Bobbins Podcast, Season 1, Episode 04: It Has Pockets!

The Bones & Bobbins Podcast, Season 1, Episode 4: It Has Pockets!

S01E04: Victorian Chatelaines and the History of Pockets in Women’s Clothing. In season 1, episode 04 of the Bones & Bobbins podcast, Natali explores the somewhat sinister and extremely infuriating history of pockets in women’s garments, then Haley swoops in with the Victorian chatelaine, which, honestly, might be even better than having actual pockets. Of course, our listeners will be relieved to know that enterprising women had no trouble finding ways to harbor weapons in both.

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