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Patreon Dispatches from the Curiosity Shop

Patreon Dispatches from the Curiosity Shop 36: All Treats, No Tricks

Need a podcast to pair with your mood? Haley and Natalie have you covered with their favorite creepy, witchy, spooky, true crime, and pop star picks!

Curiosity Shop Show Notes:

Here are links to the sources and resources we used while researching this episode:

Links to research materials: 


Haley’s Podcast Recs:

  • If you want to feel like you’re five drinks in at a  bar in Brooklyn, and you suddenly realize the dudes on the adjacent stools are talking serial killers and conspiracy theories (This recommendation would also be fitting for a 4am subway car after you’ve closed a bar.) The Last Podcast on the Left 
  • If you want to hear ghost stories that feel like sitting at a coffee shop, goodnaturedly gossiping with a neighbor: Ghosts in the Burbs: 
  • For those times when you just wish someone would read you the good parts of Reddit: rSlash: 
  • In the mood for a shockingly detailed portrait of a terrible crime (and the real estate market)  in a town you’ve never heard of? Small Town Murder: 
  • Want to feel worried for the future of humanity while collecting new and exciting Karens? Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet: 


Natali’s Podcast Recs:

  • Witchy Podcasts: 
    • Fave Crafty Witchy OneFiber Coven Podcast – two knitters talking about knitting stuff and weirdness.  Episodes are typically around an hour and come out weekly
    • Fave StandbyThe Fat Feminist Witch, not really consistent with time or frequency, but always enjoyable. I REALLY like Paige.
  • True Crime Podcasts: 

  • Crafty Podcasts:

Misc Podcasts:

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