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Patreon Dispatches from the Curiosity Shop

Patreon Dispatches from the Curiosity Shop 58: Jingle Hells

Welcome to Christmas in vintage holiday hell! We’ve got terrifying Santas, classic Christmas tree beehive hairdos, and photos that are anything but merry and bright. Plus some fae trapped behind glass (plastic? crystal?) and some of that fake snow made out of pure asbestos. Fun! Colorful! Deadly!


A non-apology apology: I (Haley) said the wrong Patreon dispatches episode number. Again. For reasons that are probably holiday stress/chaos related. (I’m hosting Christmas in the Victorian this year. My dining room doesn’t even have a light! How will we see? What was I thinking??) For the record–which may also be questionable–this is Dispatches 58, not 59.

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